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Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov

Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov (SSTU), one of the leading technical higher schools in Russia, will host ICIT-2020. SSTU, founded in 1930, is among top 12 of the leading Russian technical universities with more than 25000 students. It includes 8 institutes, 5 colleges, 2 affiliated branches in Saratov Region and employs 3000 of academic staff. In 2017 SSTU was elected as a Russian flagship university responsible for the preparation of engineers for the Volga region. SSTU's innovation flagship project took 28th place among the 195 Russian universities in December 2017.

SSTU offers education in more than 65 fields for BSc, MSc, PhD degrees. SSTU has been actively involved in EU international cooperation programs such as TEMPUS and ERASMUS+, in projects supported by IREX, Eurasia, Open University, Bridge. Due to the effective relations and international training of specialists SSTU is recognized as one of the prominent centers of international cooperation in provincial Russia.

SSTU is very well prepared to perform various challenging tasks of conference organization. Meeting rooms and conference halls of various capacity are located close to each other which makes it easy to perform simultaneous sessions attended by people interested in multiple aspects covered by the ICIT-2020 presentations. All facilities are ready for hosting ICIT-2020 authors and audience with all necessary technical, audio, video and computer equipment.


St.Polytechnicheskaya 77,

410054, Russia



Saratov is a major city in southern Russia. It is the administrative center of Saratov Oblast and a major port on the Volga River. A major cultural, economic and educational center of the Volga region. Saratov is among twenty largest cities in Russia, not being a millionaire city, but at the same time it is the center of the Saratov agglomeration, which has a population of more than 1.2 million people. Saratov is located on the right Bank of the Volgograd reservoir of the Volga river, 389 km from Volgograd and 442 km from Samara, 858 km South-East of Moscow.

Saratov was founded as a guard fortress to protect the southern borders of the Russian state in 1590, during the reign of Fyodor Ioannovich on the site of the medieval Golden Horde settlement. In the second half of the XVIII century, it became a major transshipment point and a center of trade in fish and salt, and since the XIX century, one of the centers of grain trade. A provincial town since 1780. At the beginning of the XX century, it was the largest city on the Volga by population. The University has been operating since 1909.

Saratov is a multifunctional center with numerous industrial, cultural, and educational institutions. In the historical center are the administration of the city and the region (a complex of buildings built in the late XIX — mid XX century); theaters: Opera and ballet (1875), drama (1803), young spectators (1918), Conservatory (1912), circus (1876), Philharmonic (1937); museums: Saratov art Museum named after A. N. Radishchev (1885), the Museum of K. A. Fedin (built in the beginning of the XVIII century), the Museum-estate of Nikolai Chernyshevsky (beginning of the XIX century); Trinity Cathedral (end of the XVII century); a large number of architectural monuments of the late XVIII — early XX centuries of Federal and regional significance.

It is a leading center of higher education, research and project activities. In addition to one of the oldest universities in Russia, there are more than two dozen universities. Mechanical engineering, oil and chemical industries are developed. According to Forbes, in 2013, Saratov ranked 10th in terms of business attractiveness out of 30 cities.

Modern Saratov combines the architecture of an ancient merchant city and a modern metropolis. At the same time, it is a city of universities, theaters, and museums. Saratov is a city that is more than 420 years old. Today it is not only the regional and administrative center of our region, but also one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the Volga region. Currently, more than 800 thousand people live in Saratov. You should start your acquaintance with Saratov with a walk through the city center. The famous Kirov Avenue, which is called the "Saratov Arbat", will kindly welcome guests. There are hotels, shops, entertainment venues, numerous cafes and restaurants. The Avenue rests on a quiet and picturesque Park "Lipki". Continuing your journey along the pedestrian street, you will find yourself on the famous Saratov embankment, admire the beauty of the Volga, take a walk on the grandiose Saratov-Engels bridge or take a photo at the Rotunda.

In Saratov, there is not a single resident who has not visited the Victory Park on Sokolova hill-a monument to all the soldiers who died in the great Patriotic war. In the Park there are samples of military equipment-tanks, trains, planes, recreated battle trenches. Be sure to go up to the main monument of Sokolova mountain-the stele with cranes, where a beautiful view of Saratov, Volga and Engels opens from the top of the mountain.

Key Dates:

Deadline for paper submission is June 15,2020.

Review period: June 15-July 15,2020.

Notification of the acceptance: July 31,2020.


August 1-30, 2020-'early bird'

August 31-September 30, 2020.-standard

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December 3-4, 2020.

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